Oh, no, the liberal media!

The sad truth is that many conservative voters operate in an alternative universe where any news source but Fox News is biased against them.  The latest results of a PPP survey on media trust (via Kevin Drum) are quite disturbing:

Drum has a nice extended quote from Paul Waldman, who refers to hearing Politico referred to as a “left-wing rag” on right-wing talk radio.  Oh, Politico is very much a rag, but as anybody who actually understands politics knows, there’s nothing ideological about it.   And Drum’s acccurate summary:

As Paul says, “Conservatives and liberals are not equally prone to huddle within their self-reinforcing cocoons.” Liberals don’t immediately dismiss as a conspiracy everything they hear from the news media that doesn’t fit their preconceived notions. They might downplay unwelcome news or even ignore it, but they’re still willing to listen to it. Increasingly, conservatives simply aren’t. They want to believe the world is a certain way, and they’re just flatly not willing to countenance anything that might challenge those beliefs. This is not a healthy development for a modern democracy.

Yep.  Once again, we are looking at a huge asymmetry with a profound and negative influence on the state of our politics.   As Drum says, sure liberals (like all humans) are guilty of confirmation bias as well.  Nonetheless, there’s only one party where people are choosing to willfully create their own reality, clearly at odds with the real one.

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2 Responses to Oh, no, the liberal media!

  1. Mr Progress says:

    Very accurate assessment of the current political climate in America. As a citizen who has been living abroad for about 6 years now, one can easily discern that the political spectrum in our country has shifted so far right that true conservatives don’t recognize their ideological peers. Great blog by the way. I appreciate coming across information that is backed up by data, versus much of the ideological niches that can be found in the traditional media.
    Your blog was added!
    Check out my page if you get a chance and thanks for giving the real picture in the state of the country.

  2. UTTER COMPLETE BULL****! [ed. edited for my no profanity policy– except in music videos, of course] I am a free lance wrter with a respectable clip file in national magazines and newspapers. I have written to the top 100 papers in the country with my scientific refutation of CO2 caused global warming where you can fact check my stuff on the web to verify. I can’t even get an editor to read it much as less publish it not withstanding that they all have professional ethics mandating fairly presenting both sides of the issue.

    Get real here. When have you EVER seen in any news media an unbiased presentation of both sides in the lamestream media. And oh by the way, NASA recently released long term satellite data invalidating the THEORY of CO2 caused global warming but you don’t see that in the media as well.

    John Wilder

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