My Slovakian take on the New Hampshire Primary

A little belated, but still fun:

“Pre Romneyho je víťazstvo v New Hampshire naozaj dôležité. Ak bude ďalej napĺňať očakávania, získa nomináciu. A nevyzerá to tak, že by mohol mať súpera, ktorý by mu v tom zabránil,” povedal pre Pravdu Steven Greene, politológ zo Severokarolínskej štátnej univerzity.

And the Google translate version:

“For Romney is winning in New Hampshire really important. If you will continue to meet expectations, was nominated. And so it does not look that could have an opponent who would prevent him from doing,”

And what I actually said in an email:

This is a very important win for Mitt Romney.  He was expected to win by a solid margin and he did. But honestly, at this point, all Romney has to do is keep on meeting his expectations and he will cruise to victory.  And there’s really nothing or no opponent out there that suggests he should not keep on being able to do this.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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