I probably shouldn’t post this…

but, it is just too irresistible to ignore:

HARRISBURG – A high-level Corbett administration adviser resigned his $104,470 position Tuesday after questions were raised about his outside role as editor of a conservative faith-based journal.

Along with disclosing welfare adviser Robert W. Patterson’s departure, the administration swiftly distanced itself from the views expressed in the journal he edits.

and what might those views be, you ask?

Patterson began writing for The Family in America in 2004 and became its editor in 2009, according to the publication’s website. The journal is the flagship publication of the Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society in Rockford, Ill., which opposes abortion, divorce, and homosexuality and advocates for the “child-rich, married-parent” family. Patterson is also an adjunct research fellow there, according to the center’s website.

In last year’s spring issue of the journal, Patterson co-authored a piece summarizing and reviewing recent studies related to families.

Among them: a recent study suggesting condom use robs a woman of “remarkable” chemicals found in semen that have been shown to elevate mood and self-esteem.

What’s more, the study found that “semen-exposed women” perform better on concentration and cognitive tasks, Patterson reported.  [yes, emphasis mine]

I’m not coming up with the cute good double entendre I’d like to wrap that up.  Damn, if only my concentration and cognition were better.

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