If I were braver…

I would have just walked out of Mass today when the priest went on an absurd anti-gay rant related to NC’s upcoming vote on a Constitutional amendment banning all forms of legal recognition for gay couples.  Just to top it off, he made some remark about sex education and 2nd graders (because abstinence education works so well!)   But I’m not, so I just stood there and spent the rest of mass quietly stewing.  Presumably, not the spiritual experience I should be aiming for.  It really is fine with me that the Catholic Church thinks it is wrong for gay people to get married.  Fine– don’t marry them.  Nobody expects that.  Either the Catholic Church accepts that the United States is a nation of secular laws or it doesn’t.  Sure, they have every right to make their position heard and they should, but in a world where there’s so much to be concerned about, this seems like it should be #143 on the list.   I only wish they seemed to spend half the mental energy worrying about the problems of the poor and oppressed instead of what gays are doing.  Ugh.

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5 Responses to If I were braver…

  1. Well the catholic church has way more problems than that. The principle one is that 95% of their doctrine is man made and in direct contradiction to biblical teaching. I ought to know I am an ex catholic and former baptist minster. It just so happens that I am also one of tens of thousands of kids sexually abused by a catholic priest. The bishops are in a world wide conspiracy to protect the priests and not the kids. They just shuffle them off to a new parish with a fresh crop of kids to violate.

    If you are interested and I am sure that you are not like most catholics who are totally brainwashed, I can site some catholic doctrine that is direct violation of biblical teaching.
    John Wilder

  2. should have been cite, I know better I just type fast and tend to hit the send button before proofing.

  3. John says:

    Don’t know where you go these days, but I would recommend the following:

    Get thee to St. Francis of Assisi in Raleigh, the only Catholic church I know of in Raleigh where you won’t have to listen to such bull5#!7. The church is staffed with fairly progressive Franciscans, (at least they were progressive when I knew them) and they have had a decent nonjudgemental ministry to gay Catholics. Not surprised, but sad, though that you had that experience.


  4. Steve Greene says:

    John W: One could easily argue that 95% (if not 100%) of the doctrine of any religious group is man-made. I will say, that the bible is so full of contradictions, etc., that I actually like the Catholic Church’s idea of relying on Church Fathers for doctrine, rather than sola scriptura, which has clearly led many down the road to some absurd doctrines over the year given how much everything is open to interpretation. For the record, I’ve taken a number of college courses on religion and the bible as well as done plenty of my own reading on it.
    John F: Too far. I do love Franciscans, though. I’ll put up with the occasional offensive sermon for convenience.

  5. Show me purgatory in the bible or limbo. Jesus said: When you pray, don’t pray as the heathen do in vain repetitions because they think that they will be heard for their much speaking.
    The rosary is definitely vain repetitions. Catholics pray to Mary, Jesus said that there is only ONE WAY TO THE FATHER, THROUGH HIM.

    Catholics teach the doctrine of transubstantiation. This is in total violation of the OT law forbidding of eating blood. It rectrucifies Christ all over again when he said that it is appointed once for a man to die. In other words you practice HOLY CANNIBALISM

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