Photo of the day

I’ve been a “photo of the day” slacker of late, so you can two today from this excellent series on “America at Work.”  The first I could not resist for it’s silliness.  The second, because it’s just awesome.

Biological analyst Alan Dowden of the Seattle Sperm Bank rides the Sperm Bike, a custom-designed, high-tech bicycle used to deliver donated sperm to fertility clinics, in Seattle November 8, 2011. According to Seattle Sperm Bank’s managing director Gary Olsem, donor sperm is transported by medical technicians aboard the bike in liquid nitrogen-cooled vacuum containers. The first Sperm Bike was adopted by Seattle Sperm Bank’s sibling company, the European Sperm Bank, in Cophenhagen. (Reuters/Anthony Bolante) #

Schenectady firefighter/paramedic Adam Colvin’s helmet is covered in ice after a neighboring house exploded when a gas main was severed by a construction worker in Schenectady, New York, on January 4, 2012. All occupants were accounted for, and 3 alarms were sounded to control the blaze.(AP Photo/The Daily Gazette, Peter R. Barber) #

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