Primary doldrums

As I was listening to the NPR story on the NH primary this morning I realized that I’m just not excited at all, though you’d think I should be.  I started my Campaigns & Elections course today, but the truth is this is just not going to be a very exciting primary season. Here it is only NH and it is truly hard to imagine a world in which Romney does not win  the GOP nomination.  Especially in the face of evidence that more and more rank-and-file Republicans are accepting the inevitable:

Acceptability of 2012 Republican presidental candidates, by ideology

I was actually giving David a mini-lecture on certainty/uncertainty today on the way to school and said that, in most things, certainty is almost always better.  I realized, though, when it comes to presidential primaries (for pundits, scholars, teachers, and plain ol’ political junkies) certainty really takes the fun out of it.  Slovakian Pravda wants my take on the results tonight.  Barring a hugely surprising result, I could really just write and email it now (don’t worry, I won’t– Pravda always gets my best).

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