8 votes

Wow– Romney beat Paul by 8 votes!  What are the odds of that.  Damn that is just wonderfully, improbably close.  I wonder how that compares to Florida in 2000, percentage wise.  I love how this means Romney is “the winner” just because we have to have a “winner.”  If ever there was a tie.  Now, if this actually meant Romney received more delegates or something, that would be one thing, but not at all.  Kevin Drum, briefly summarizes what’s actually going on here:

I didn’t know that. Maybe I should have, but I didn’t. That Des Moines Register piece that I linked to earlier, for example, describes the process this way:

  1. Pick a candidate.
  2. Votes tallied.
  3. Elect delegates.
  4. Elect alternates.

Tricky! I didn’t quite catch that “Votes tallied” really had nothing to do with “Elect delegates.” But apparently it doesn’t. You cast your vote, the tally gets reported to the press, and then if you feel like sticking around to elect delegates you can do that. Or not. But your vote doesn’t really matter unless you do.

Pretty good system for choosing a leader of the free world, isn’t it?

Really curious to see how Santorum polls in NH in the next few days.  Romney has got to be one happy man.

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