Dems finally win one

At least for now.  I think the key factor in the House Republicans caving on the extension of the payroll tax cut reduction was the fact that the vast majority of the Republicans in the Senate had already voted for it.  When Obama, Reid, et al., tried to frame this as intransigence of the House Republicans, the media really had no choice but to go along, given the Senate vote.  Now, if the Republican Senators had never voted for this, the media dynamic and therefore the public pressure would have been entirely different.  I presume that in the next iteration of this negotiation, the Republican leadership will not make the mistake of letting the Senate caucus vote to approve something that the House caucus will not.  Nonetheless, I do certainly appreciate that the Democrats got some value out of actually standing up for themselves for once.  

Photo of the Day

The Post had a series of images for yesterday’s Winter Solstice (which sure didn’t feel like it when we left 70 degree Cary to start our holiday travels).  I was drawn to this one, as David and I are currently reading Watership Down

Oh, and while I loved the Watership Down movie when I was a kid, I’ve been a bit disappointed in the book.  Too much pointless description and man, did the plot take forever to kick into high gear.  I could also use more El-ahraira.

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