Photo of the Day

Alan Taylor has compiled the best Volcano photos of 2011.  So cool.  Talk about being hard to pick just one:

Residents look at Mount Bulusan spewing ash in Sorsogon province, south of Manila, Philippines, in February 21, 2011. Mount Bulusan spewed a three-kilometer ash column covering several villages in the southwest. (Reuters/Stringer)

Went with this, as I’m a sucker for ominous.   Also some amazing shots of lightning inter-mixed with eruptions.

No, the government did not cause the housing bubble

When you look at the amazing amount of corporate, banker, lender, etc., malfeasance involved in the housing bubble (and as always, you really can’t beat This American Life’s “Giant Pool of Money.”  David Min has a nice little piece in the Atlantic thoroughly debunking the idea that somehow Fannie and Freddie caused the housing bubble.  I like John F.’s concise summary (via FB):

The entire argument that the government caused the housing crisis in the U.S. falls apart when you consider that there were housing crises all over the world

Yep.  Pretty hard to argue with that when you consider the many different national policies on these matters.

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