Kathleen Parker vs Occam’s Razor

Kathleen Parker’s column today argues that Mitt Romney’s “flip flop” on abortion is not an act of political expediency, but rather a thoughtfully-reasoned and genuine attitude change of a mature adult who has simply learned more about the science and ethics of early human life.  Riiiiiiight.

This is not to suggest that Romney hasn’t changed his mind. There is a record. Then again, who but the most-barnacled ideologue hasn’t had a change of heart given new information (abortion), experience (Romneycare) or circumstances (a national election vs. a state one)?

Romney wasn’t some still politically unformed 20-year old when he was running for Massachusetts governor– he was a middle-aged father with plenty of political experience and surely a pretty solid understanding of what’s going on in-utero in a 1st trimester pregnancy.

So, there’s that, or we could believe that Romney– most likely always pro-life (the man is a devout Mormon)– strongly advocated a pro-choice position because he would not be able to be elected governor or a liberal state otherwise.  Then, running for a Republican presidential nomination where he could not get elected without being strongly pro-life, he is strongly pro-life.     One of these narratives strikes me as just a tad more believable.

I don’t know what Romney actually believes on abortion.  And it doesn’t really matter, because the best evidence suggests that his political position will always be the one which makes him more electable to a particular constituency.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State http://faculty.chass.ncsu.edu/shgreene

One Response to Kathleen Parker vs Occam’s Razor

  1. surprise again I agree with you on this one You would be surprised to know that a whole lot of right wingers also agree.

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