Herman Cain isn’t having any fun

So, with Herman Cain “re-assessing” his campaign (and possibly even having already dropped out by the time you read this), the one thing that comes to my mind is that this whole running for president thing just isn’t any fun for Cain any more.  For a while, it was lots of fun.  He got to go around at debates and say “9-9-9” a lot and have lots of Tea Party types show him the love.  Meanwhile, there was not a lot of scrutiny and not a lot of hard work put into things like a campaign organization and a grueling schedule of meeting voters.  All the while, his future value as a Fox News commentator has been increasingly daily.  What’s not to like.  Then, honestly, I expect as much to his surprise as anyone, he became a frontrunner (at least in the poll-driven media take) and began to receive the scrutiny, etc., that a front-runner receives.  Not so fun.  True or not, does anybody seriously think these past allegations of sexual harassment and now an extra-marital affair would’ve ever come out if Cain had just remained “that Godfather’s pizza guy” saying 9-9-9 a lot and hovering at under 5% in the polls?  Absolutely not.  Running for president is not so fun when you get front-runner scrutiny.  The fun is over and it looks like so is Cain’s campaign.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State http://faculty.chass.ncsu.edu/shgreene

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