Chart of the day

Via Ezra:

“Congressional Republicans may have become more anti-tax in the last 30 years, but the American public has made the opposite transition: in March 1982, three-quarters of Americans said spending cuts alone should be used to reduce deficits; today, about the same share say tax increases should be included in any debt-reduction package. Remember, of course, that tax rates were much higher 30 years ago than they are today.” — Catherine Rampell, Economix. Here’s more from Bruce Bartlett. 

Honestly, when you consider how out of touch the modern Republican party actually is with voters on economic issues, it really is quite impressive the level of electoral success they’ve achieved.  Of course voters want the lower taxes Republicans promise, but they don’t want the lower services that come with that, and they are quite happy to see more taxes on rich people.  

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One Response to Chart of the day

  1. itchy says:

    Even more interesting is that, if the third choice, “too low,” equals 100 minus the others, it’s gone from 3-4 to 7 percent.

    (This assumes the graph doesn’t include answers like “unsure.”)

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