Infidelity and demographics

Came across this a little while ago and thought it was pretty interesting.  Given today’s big news about the most recent allegations regarding Herman Cain’s marital fidelity, this seemed like a good time to go ahead and post this. Basically, this is a report that looks at marital fidelity (or lack thereof) and demographics.  Of course, what seems most striking is the male-female gap in actual cheating.   The curvilinear pattern in education is somewhat interesting as well, as those “some college” types are the biggest cheaters.   And, hey, as a Black Man, Cain certainly is more likely to be a cheater than any other demographic category.  Especially as an older one (presumably, the longer one is married, the more opportunities to cheat.


The second chart looks not at behavior, but attitudes.  Here the story seems to be– consistent with a number of other “moral” attitudes– more education leads to more tolerance from deviation from “traditional values”.  Thus, even though they don’t cheat the most, the post-graduates are the most accepting of infidelity.


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Professor of Political Science at NC State

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