John Carter

So, how about another post that links to a New Yorker article on subscribers can read?  In this case, it’s the fascinating story of Pixar’s Andrew Stanton– the writer of the Toy Story movies and the writer/director of Finding Nemo and Wall-E.  Pretty impressive resume.  Well now he’s working on a live-action film: John Carter.  A couple observations.

1) Great look into the Pixar culture that has led to so much success.  It really reminded me of Tim Harford’s Adapt, as there is lots of trial and error, but they allow themselves room to fail.  And then get better.  The end result is the wonderful Pixar products most of us know and love.   Also very interesting to see how hard it is to translate that ethic into a live-action film, as Stanton is trying to do.

2) I was so excited to learn of this movie.  I loved the John Carter of Mars series when I was a kid.  I read the first one to David and we will be coming back for more.  It was also interesting to read about the complicated marketing of the film, etc.  They had to pull “of Mars” out of the title for fear of scaring of female viewers (get over it, women!).

Anyway, definitely find a way to give this article a read if you are fan of Pixar movies or John Carter (or just interesting profiles of creative people).  Till then, I leave you with this:

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