The man behind Herman Cain’s economic plan

Not that national polls mean much, but right now Cain is leading in them while advocating his ridiculous 9-9-9 plan.  And, who’s the economist behind this plan (via Ezra):

Doug Mataconis sums up what we know about the man behind Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan:

That Cain doesn’t have a lot of specifics to back up the slogans shouldn’t be all that surprising. While he loves to mention the plan during his media appearances, he is far less willing to share any of the details behind the plan, such as the backup for his assertion that the plan is revenue neutral, or the even who has helped him come up with the plan. That’s not surprising, though, once you realize that the plan’s chief architect, Rich Lowrie, isn’t an economist at all and is in fact a Wells Fargo Branch employee working outside of Cleveland, Ohio, whose highest educational degree is a apparently a B.S. in Accounting from Case Western Reserve University.

I simply just laughed when I read this.  Cainmentum!!

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One Response to The man behind Herman Cain’s economic plan

  1. Makes a hell of a lot more sense than Obuttholes plan giving money to companies going belly up because they were campaign contributors or the ridiculous stimulus plan that he laughingly admitted lying about the so called “shovel ready projects”.

    John Wilder

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