Perdue and news dupes

So, just saw a 2-3 minute story on the local ABC affiliate about a Tea Party “protest” at the NC Governor’s mansion over Bev Perdue’s “only a complete moron could think she actually meant this, regardless of her tone of voice” comments about suspending Congressional elections.  The N&O at least had the decency to confine this to an blog post, but the TV station could not resist making these yahoos its lead story.   Just pathetic the way they could not resist being taken in so completely by a complete non-story.  And the Tea Party folks out there were just angry old people (nothing against old people, but let’s be honest about the Tea Party) who only thought they had an idea what they were talking about.  What an embarrassment all around.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

2 Responses to Perdue and news dupes

  1. Steve I have already commented on your previous post. There is nothing dumb about Governor Purdues statements. She was just throwing ideas out there on how to resolve the country’s problems. Now you are insulting not only her but Tea Partiers but yet you don’t want to be insulted, can we spell hypocrite?

    John Wilder

  2. Steve Greene says:

    Dear John,
    I’ve decided I’m just going to ignore your comments unless there’s something genuinely worth intellectually engaging with. Don’t take it personally.

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