The Fox News mentality

Found this little tidbit via Tim Noah (he’s doing a nice job, but damn do I miss Chait) about Fox News president, Roger Ailes:

Meanwhile, Ailes’ latest criticism of the lamestream media is that (am I reading this correctly?) it’s biased against suicide bombers:

The talk turns to terrorism. Ailes is angry about an Associated Press report that 29 worshipers were killed by a suicide bomber in Baghdad’s largest Sunni mosque during prayers. ‘How do we know they were worshiping?’ he demands. ‘I think the AP is so far over the hill, they’ve become left wing, antiwar. Gotta watch their copy.’

How do we know they were worshiping? What the hell does Ailes think Sunni Muslims do when they go to the mosque? Brush their teeth? And the phrase “during prayers” doesn’t leave much room for ambiguity.

Wow.  Just breathtaking.  If this is Ailes’ idea of liberal media bias, Fox news is crazier than I thought.  Remember, Ailes is the driving force behind Fox and this is the way the guy thinks.

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6 Responses to The Fox News mentality

  1. Mike Barr says:

    Well, this is not much of a rationale….but it is true that churches, schools, and even hospitals are sometimes used as bases for military operations. Certainly mosques have been used as places to launch mortars. But even if you accept this as happening on occasion, Ailes is still an ass for jumping to his particular conclusions in this instance. He knows full well that terrorists often aim to inflict death and destruction on civilians, often targeting markets, hotels, and restaurants. And in the recent history of sunni-shia sectarian violence there have been attacks on people inside mosques. Ailes is either in late stage dementia or is truly an evil bastard.

  2. Ailes is either in late stage dementia or is truly an evil bastard.

    Steve I don’t see you correcting your writer for name calling. But since it is about conserivatives that is okay right?

    Ailes is responding to the ultra left wing who won’t identify Jihadist terrorists and have no problem using mosques as backdrops to try and give our country a black eye. This same press who is obligated by printed canons of journalistic integrity to print both sides of an issue fairly and accurately who refuse to print the other side of global warming which you obviously support.

    The same press who has no problem with liberals uttering all kinds of hate speech against conservatives and christiams but scream to the roof tops if a conservative would respond in kind.

    You continue to drink the Kool Aid and refuse to recognize any wrongdoing by any liberals anywhere.

    John Wilder

  3. Steve Greene says:

    You’ve been calling Obama names all along. I don’t have a big problem with calling politicians names, questioning their motives, etc. Heck, I do that all the time. Mostly, I have a problem with my commenters saying mean things about me. Actually, not really, as I’ve yet to mention how many times I’ve “drunk the Kool-Aid.” I’d simply prefer to not read directly hostile comments about me on my own blog. Maybe that’s a character flaw, but it is what it is.

  4. Mike Barr says:

    At least I know John reads my comments!

    More seriously, when I am responding to a fellow blog commentator I don’t insult and I try to keep the hyperbole to a minimum. But I feel OK about lobbing insults and nasty names to public figures.

    • Hey Mike
      Yes I know that public figures are defenseless against virulent attacks, but the people who identify with them take offense. I think that I gave a reasonable ecplanation of Mr Aile’s conduct. You might observe other liberals hate speech directed at conservatives like calling the Tea Party terrorist. It is stooping to a new low to equate these honest people with the animals who annhilated 3000 innocent men women and children. Why can’t we simply disagree about politics without the name calling?

  5. Hey Steve
    Drinking the Kool Aid can hardly be called name calling but I will grant you it is not the most respectful either. How about I observe the boundaries of decorum if you reign other liberal commenters on your blog as well. I don’t think that I have called Obama any names to my recollection but I have definitely questioned his policies and in spite of comments that the Tea Party and I are racist, I could care less about his race but his policies are failing our country.
    John Wilder

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