More on that Warren quote

It’s been fun to see how quickly and profusely that fabulous Elizabeth Warren quote has taken off.  Not sure I’ve ever seen anything quite like that for a simple quotation.  It was all over FB the past two days and blogs aplenty.  I actually watched the video for the first time yesterday and its not only a good quote, Elizabeth Warren is just really good with an audience.  Mostly, though, I think the instant popularity really speaks to a latent and unsatisfied desire among liberals for a politician to so eloquently and forcefully elaborate this exact point.  We just don’t get enough of this.  I really liked Greg Sargent’s take:

But as this video shows, Warren is very good at making the case for progressive economics in simple, down-to-earth terms. Despite her professorial background, she sounds like she’s telling a story. She came across as unapologetic and authorative, without a hint of the sort of defensiveness you hear so often from other Democrats when they talk about issues involving taxation and economic fairness. This is exactly what national Dems like about Warren.

Exactly, though apparently Sargent didn’t have many good professors.  Any good professor tells a good story to teach their students.  Whether that story is about bankruptcy laws, the electoral college, or congressional committees, anybody who really knows how to engage an audience– which good professors do– knows that you are not just imparting facts, but telling stories.  We need more Democrats to tell stories about our economy in the way Elizabeth Warren does so well.

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2 Responses to More on that Warren quote

  1. John says:

    People have for far too long heard the fire-breathing know-nothings on the Right stand up for what they believe and are longing for a leader who is willing to stand up to these selfish, self-absorbed, fabulously short-sighted fools. Warren was able to articulate an American vision of shared sacrifice rooted in economic reason. We not only need more storytellers, we need more principled leadership and bravery like Warren.

  2. Its the old baffle them with bullshit. We all get places on raods, we all get an education. The small business contributes to the overall economy and is the chief driver of it. Government has no right to take more from business owners. Look at the bottom half of our society who pay NO TAXES, talk about an unfair ripoff. The rich are already paying a disproportionate perentage of the taxes.

    John Wilder

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