Republicans for Obama’s jobs plans

Now, you know, I trust most public opinion data about as far as I can throw them, but we can still learn some interesting things.  In this case, I think it is the major gulf between what ordinary Republican voters believe and what their representatives in Congress believe.  Via Gallup, check out the support for the components of Obama’s “jobs” plan among Republicans.  A majority favors spending more money on teachers, police, etc.  And an even 50% support more public works projects.

As you may know, President Obama has submitted a bill to Congress that includes a number of proposals designed to create jobs in the United States. Please tell whether you favor or oppose each of the following proposals. September 2011 results by party

This also reminded me of a nice Greg Sargent post in which he points out that a lot of the pundit class are under the gross misillusion that independent voters and moderates are somehow opposed to raising taxes on the rich.  American love raising taxes on the rich (which is, in large part, how Obama plans to “pay” for this).  Sargent:

David Brooks today complains that Obama’s “populist cries” will “fire up liberals but are designed to enrage moderates.” The Hill insists that Obama’s new posture is merely designed to “shore up or win back his base.” Mark Penn helpfully warns Obama that his “class warfare” is tantamount to “abandoning” the center. Mark Halperin pronounces that analysis ”essential reading.”

So let’s be clear about this: It’s all utter nonsense…

But as it happens, strong majorities of moderates and independentssupport tax hikes on the wealthy as the best way to close the deficit. I’ve compiled a half dozen polls showing that to be the case: [they’re all there, follow the link if you want the actual numbers].

As with a lot of things, it would seem that American’s frustration with the economy leads them to really not trust Obama’s economic stewardship or his vague “plans,” but when presented with those specific plans, they actually like them.

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One Response to Republicans for Obama’s jobs plans

  1. It is more “son of stimulus” which was an abject failure. We don’t need more teachers and firefighters. We are top heavy with teachers and they are failing miserably at educating our children, so much so that they have to cheat and change answers on kids exams.

    Obama laughinly admitted that there were really no “shovel ready” projects. He got his way with Soandra and look where that got us?

    John Wilder

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