Chart of the day

About all that job-killing regulation (via Drum):

Umm, certainly does not appear that this is the cause of our economic woes.  There’s also this handy little factoid:

So how about that crushing regulatory burden that our business-hating president has imposed on the American economy? Well, not so much, actually:

During Obama’s first two years in office, 555 new “significant” regulations, or ones that have a cost or benefit of at least $100 million in a year, have been enacted, according to the Office of Management and Budget. Over the eight years that
former president George W. Bush was in office about 2,380 regulations were enacted, an average of 595 every two years.

Why does George W. Bush hate American business?!

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

2 Responses to Chart of the day

  1. Mike Barr says:

    Steve, put on your measurement and analysis hats for a moment. Do you think that the option “uncertainty about the future” is independent of concerns about the regulatory environment? I can certainly imagine that uncertainty about enforcement of current regs and the imposition (or reversal) or future regs could increase the uncertainty. Same goes for “rising costs of doing business”, although I would hypothesize that this is influenced by concerns over health care costs. So I am not convinced that concern over regulations is really such a small part of the concerns of most businesses.

  2. Steve Greene says:

    Given that “government regulation” is already its own freestanding category, I’m fairly confident in assuming “uncertainty about the future of the economy” is really not capturing much of that. Surely that’s predominantly concerns about consumer demand and such. Rising costs of business is surely more open to interpretation, but again, I think it is a stretch to assume that it is about more regulation given that government regulation already exists as its own category.

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