Harry Potter: Pagan

So, I was having a great visit with an older family friend yesterday and he brought up that he was reading an interesting book on the impact of Harry Potter on American culture.  I definitely try and avoid political discussion with this person who I otherwise love, so I had a feeling it was best to try and move the conversation in another direction.  Good move!  A little googling last night I figured out he was referring to Harry Potter and the Paganization of Culture.  Seriously?  Apparently, it’s not just extremely conservative Evangelicals who hate Harry Potter for promoting witchcraft and sorcery.  Apparently, extremely conservative Catholics do, too.  Rather eye opening.  I skimmed through some of the authors shorter essays I found on-line.  My favorite line: Harry Potter blurs the line between good and evil.  Ummm, Voldemort anyone?

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