The Odds

From this super-cool medical info-graphic.  You really should check out the whole thing.  This just happened to be my favorite part:

Any guesses as to what people are actually more scared of?

Undermining academic integrity in one easy step

Sorry for being such a bad blogger lately.  Let’s just blame it on the after-effects of Hurricane Irene.  So, today’s quick hit, NCSU’s new GPA calculation policy.  From the memo:

The main changes are:

1.) Undergraduate Grade Exclusion

Undergraduates can select up to two NC State courses with posted letter grades of C- or below to exclude from their GPA. Students no longer have to repeat a course to take advantage of grade exclusion and are no longer limited to 100 or 200 level courses taken in their first year of enrollment.

Got that?  NC State students can now drop any 2 course from their GPA calculation for any reason.  Freshmen forgiveness is one thing, but this strikes me as absurd (as it does to most colleagues I’ve discussed it with).  The rationale is not totally crazy:

The intention of this change is to provide greater flexibility for all undergraduates, especially new transfer students and new freshmen entering with lots of AP credit who were limited by the criteria of the First Year Course Repeat regulation.

Yet, if that’s the intention, there are much narrower fixes, e.g,. allow replacement for one lower-level course taken in your first semester actually at NCSU.  I seem to recall when this idea was first promulgated that it was mentioned that many other universities now have a similar policy.  To which I say, “and if all those other universities decided to jump off a bridge?”

Photo of the day

I did get lots of nice photos of the Maine coast before the Hurricane made things interesting.  This is my favorite lighthouse photo:

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