The Wonk Gap

So, earlier this week I was thinking about the fact that there just doesn’t seem to be any of the equivalent of my favorite wonky liberal bloggers (i.e., Klein, Drum, Chait, Yglesias) on the right.  Maybe they’re out there, but if they are, I don’t think anybody reads them.  Coincidentally enough, just a couple days ago I was having lunch with a former student and now PhD Political Science student and she said she’s been asking everyone she knows if they can name a serious, policy-oriented blogger on the right.   No good answers.  If you wanted to count the pure libertarian bloggers, i.e., Tyler Cowen and Will Wilkinson, there’s certainly some serious and thoughtful (though sadly, wrong) voices out there, but as for any true “conservatives” I just don’t think they exist.  Just further evidence that liberals actually take policy seriously and see politics as a means to a policy ends.  I just don’t see any evidence that mainstream conservatives take policy seriously.  And just to be clear, “no more taxes ever” and “smaller government is always better” and “get those gays away from me” are not taking policy seriously.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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