Republicans for Voldemort

In comments to my last post, my wife reminded me of my favorite political bumper sticker I possess, sitting on the bulletin board next to me, as I type:

Meanwhile, Mike Barr rightly points out that, indeed many Republicans from the far-right Christian end of things actually thing HP encourages witchcraft, paganism, etc.  Of course, what it really encourages is courage to do what’ s right and loyalty to one’s friends.


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3 Responses to Republicans for Voldemort

  1. Don’t you know that to a Republican doing what’s right and being loyal to your friends IS witchcraft AND paganism? (I joke because I love them so.)

  2. Su Donim says:

    I’ve had this bumper sticker for *ages* – all my liberal friends loved it, people would get out of their cars at stop lights and ask me about it, and even my frothingly Republican parents thought it was funny. Alas, only carries it in a t-shirt, and due to a redneck in a truck plastered with Sarah Palin stickers, my rear bumper was recently crushed and my bumper sticker was no more 😦 I hope they get these back in production for the election year!!

  3. Steve Greene says:

    I gotta say, I love the story of how you came to lose your bumper sticker. Sad, but too funny.

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