The Senate  deal

So, the current headlines are lit up with “the deal” between Obama and “Congressional leaders.”  Ummm, from what I can tell, these Congressional leaders are only Senate leaders, i.e., McConnell and Reid.   The Senate has never been the real obstacle.  It’s always been all the Republican wingnuts in the House.  And heck, as we know, even if Boehner agrees to the deal, that’s no guarantee he’s got enough Republicans to go along.  So, I just don’t quite get all this breathless reporting about “a deal” when we have no idea whether the main obstacle to a deal– the House GOP caucus– is still an obstacle or not.  My hope, though, is now that there’s this bipartisan Senate deal, the corporate masters of the Republican Party are finally placing the pressure on the House they should’ve been all along.  And don’t think for a second they couldn’t be placing this pressure.  Corporate money talks.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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