Things that are not difficult to know.

I was listening to yesterday’s Fresh Air, “Why Prosecutors Don’t go after Wall Street” during my morning run today.  I’m still not entirely sure, other than “it’s complicated,” and mostly they didn’t want to, which I read as– it’s political.  It was actually pretty depressing to see how easy so many people guilty of what was obviously criminally fraudulent behavior have gotten away with it.  The interview, with NYT Reporter Louise Story also discussed the strong Wall Street opposition to actually implementing the financial reforms passed last year.  At one point (I’ll paraphrase here), Story basically said it’s difficult to know whether banks where fighting against this so hard because it will reduce their high profits or because they were genuinely concerned about the implementation of financial reform hurting the economy.  Seriously?!  Some things in life are difficult to know– this is not one of them.  I hate it when journalists are so beholden to their journalistic worldview that they just can’t call a spade a spade.

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Professor of Political Science at NC State

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