Eric Cantor’s future

Kevin Drum sees a dim future for Republican Majority leader (and presumed threat to Boehner’s speakership) Eric Cantor:

Here’s a prediction: when all’s said and done and the debt ceiling fight is finally over, Eric Cantor is going to be a lot further away from becoming Speaker of the House than he was six months ago. Every days he’s looking more and more like a petulant child playing media games and less and less like a principled statesman working in the best interests of the country. He thinks he’s being clever and savvy, but the rest of the country is seeing a grasping, opportunistic politician who thinks that posturing for Fox News is more important than facing up to serious problems. He’s setting his career back a decade.

Really?  I disagree.  Maybe “the rest of the country” sees a petulant opportunist, but among House Republican backbenchers, it strikes me that they are much more interested (and attuned to) representation by a petulant, game-playing child than a principled stateman working towards the country’s best interests.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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