Black man jailed for having large check

This story is awfully depressing.  And if anybody thinks the victim’s race wasn’t involved– please!

Via Chait:

This horrific story offers a window into the reality of life for low socioeconomic status minorities:

Ikenna, a 28-year old construction worker, went to deposit a $8,463.21 Chase cashier’s check at his local Chase branch, only for the teller to decide that neither he nor his check looked right and he got tossed in jail for forgery, KING5 reports. The next day, a Friday the bank realized its mistake and left a message with the detective. But it was her day off, so he spent the entire weekend in jail.

By the time he got out, he had been fired from his job for not showing up to work. His car had been towed as well. It ended up getting sold off at auction because he couldn’t afford to get it out of the pound. He had been relying on that cashier’s check for his money but it was taken as evidence and by the time he got it back it was auctioned off.

All this while the cashier’s check had been issued by the very bank he was trying to cash it at.

Chase didn’t even apologize, not even after a year.

Banks don’t have to be evil.  But for some reason, they are.  This stuff just doesn’t happen to middle-class white people.  And, as Chait points out, if something does, they generally have the resources to weather it.  When you are poor and/or working class, one episode of being screwed by the system can snowball into a genuine calamity.

It’s even more depressing to watch the video (worth waiting through the short ad).
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