Chart of the day

Via Yougov (via Drum)

Wow!  Drum refers to this as “All of Modern Politics in One Chart.”  Not quite, but telling indeed.  Now, a big question I have, though, is how situational is this.  I.e., how much of this is dependent upon current conditions of Democrat as President, Republicans in House.  If the situation was reversed, would the differences not disappear, but at least be less dramatic?  How have responses to questions like this varied over time?  Are Republicans always against compromise?  Why?

In the end, as Drum implies, this chart is a great argument against the false symmetry/equivalency argument everybody tries to make.  Obviously, this difference in views among the rank and file has necessary consequences for the behavior of elected officials.  Next time someone gives me a “both sides…” I just may pull out this chart.


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3 Responses to Chart of the day

  1. jonolan says:

    The chart is not shocking in the least, nor is the symmetry and balance it shows. Republicans are Republicans because they have principles; Democrats are Democrats because they don’t. That’s been true since the parties were founded.

  2. John says:

    I’m all for compromise after you stick to your principles, no matter what.

    @Jonolan: Republicans will stick to their shifting “principles” for the love of power and nothing more, even when it comes at the expense of the country and the Constitution they swear they love so much. Case in point, the “individual mandate” and “cap and trade,” (or civil rights, or abortion, or Libya, or redistricting, or Executive Power, or election financing, or just about everything, but I digress) both created by Republicans and now universally despised by Republicans. I’m sure you’ll create a rationalized excuse for this type of behavior but that would be just another example representative of a party that is completely morally bankrupt.

    The main differences is that Democrats will do whatever it takes to get to the desired outcome, even beginning negotiations at a point closer to the practical outcome. They mistakenly do this in the belief that they are dealing with a Party that is seeking an actual outcome, instead of recognizing the reality that the Republican Party is only seeking to increase their power share. God help the Republicans if I ever become Speaker because I’d jam it right down their hypocritical throats every chance I got.

    • jonolan says:

      No; I won’t “make a rationalized response.” Why would I or any American try to rationalize a response to a lie from one of America’s domestic enemies.

      When you can – if you can – come up with a truthful statement, then you’ll deserve a response to the substance of that statement.

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