Condensed Op-Ed

Keith Alexander asks in the Post today: “what if Caylee Anthony were Black?”

I’m sure that, like me, you don’t actually have to read the column to know that nobody outside her family would care or know her name.  Sad truth of modern America.

Chart of the day

Via Yougov (via Drum)

Wow!  Drum refers to this as “All of Modern Politics in One Chart.”  Not quite, but telling indeed.  Now, a big question I have, though, is how situational is this.  I.e., how much of this is dependent upon current conditions of Democrat as President, Republicans in House.  If the situation was reversed, would the differences not disappear, but at least be less dramatic?  How have responses to questions like this varied over time?  Are Republicans always against compromise?  Why?

In the end, as Drum implies, this chart is a great argument against the false symmetry/equivalency argument everybody tries to make.  Obviously, this difference in views among the rank and file has necessary consequences for the behavior of elected officials.  Next time someone gives me a “both sides…” I just may pull out this chart.

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