Facebook saturation

Interseting article by Farhad Manjoo this week, suggesting that facebook may have met its peak and essentially achieved market saturation:

The numbers in the United States are particularly striking. Facebook had 155 million active users here at the start of May and only 149 million by the end of the month…

If it’s not privacy and it’s not a new rival, why is Facebook losing customers in America? Because there’s no one left to go after. As Inside Facebook’s Eric Eldon points out, Facebook’s growth always stalls when it hits 50 percent market penetration within a country. Facebook is now experiencing something unprecedented in the short history of social networking—it has captured every plausible user in several countries, and the only people who are left are folks without Internet access, people who do have access but don’t spend a lot of leisure time online, and the few lonely die-hards who swear they’ll never join the site no matter how many times I exhort them to do so.

Makes sense to me.  At this point, what internet connected adult who is not on facebook is going to change their mind and get on?  A number of my closest friends are not on facebook and it honestly drives me crazy.  Semi-strangers who I knew in high school know much more about my life than people I still consider fairly close friends.  I’ve tried and cajoled, bu to no avail.  I figured that one of the resistors would give in when she had a baby to show off, but nope.   I love facebook because it so easily gives me a chance to share parts of my life (especially pictures of my kids and major events) with people who care.  The truth is, I’m not going to make the extra effort to do that with people not on facebook.  Anyway, facebook has saturated and my friends just aren’t absorbing.  Their loss (yes, this means you, JP).

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