Chart of the day (cutting the deficit)

Via Ezra:

1)  Americans are really  for sticking it to rich people with taxes (including raising the cap on income taxable for Social Security).  Even half of Republicans support these tax increases.

1a) Support for these positions among Republican members of Congress?  0%

2) Americans don’t actually want to cut anything but foreign aid, and that’s only <1% of the budget.  Though, looks like Americans are plenty open to military cuts, too.

3) Americans like to say that they are conservative, but how in the world do all those numbers in red add up to us being a “conservative nation”?  Again, even 43% or Republicans oppose cutting assistance to “lower income Americans” (though I bet the support would be less for “poor people”).

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One Response to Chart of the day (cutting the deficit)

  1. itchy says:

    Does foreign aid include money the US gives to get other countries to do things we want them to do? I think most people think most aid is out of the goodness of our hearts, not realpolitik.

    Brutally cynical take: Maybe if it was more clear we’re not actually helping the world with all that money, voters would be less likely to want to cut it.

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