The missing phrase

From the front of the just now:

New signs U.S. economic recovery is faltering

(N.Y. job fair / Getty Images)

Neil Irwin 5:43 PM ET

Latest reports on manufacturing, private payrolls and home prices point to a slowing recovery, and Washington is running out of ways to get it back on track.  [emphasis mine]

We’re running out of politically feasible ways to get it back on track. There’s ways left that can work, but pretty much all of them require the government spending money and that’s not on the table with the current composition of Congress.  To quote Drum:

And on that scale [adjusted for new workers added to the economy], we lost about 112,000 jobs last month.

But quick! Medicare might start having funding problems in 2025 and Social Security might go into the red in 2040. Those are obviously the problems we should be dealing with right this second. And we should deal with them by cutting spending on a bunch of other programs because, um, um, um……

Yep.  Ignore all those unemployed people over there and the faltering recovery, we’ve got a deficit!   Also, feel free to ignore the fact that the best way to get rid of the deficit is economic growth (and no, more tax cuts are obviously not the secret, that hasn’t exactly worked).


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