At least 45% are lying

From the Post’s latest non-sensical poll:

A new poll looks at public opinions associated with the debt ceiling.

About 50% of Americans say they understand the consequences of defaulting on the debt.  Somehow, I doubt that the true figure is more than 5%.  Meanwhile, the fact that 47% believe that approving the ceiling will increase spending is further evidence of ignorance.  We’ve already committed to most all this spending– it’s called Medicare, Social Security, Defense, etc., it’s just a matter if we’re going to borrow the money to pay for the spending we’ve already committed to.  And for that matter, what’s with not being concerned about the US Government defaulting on its debts–please!  Further evidence why we sure don’t want government by public opinion.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

One Response to At least 45% are lying

  1. itchy says:

    Well, wrong and lying are not the same things.

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