The government does not always waste money

There’s quite a strong perspective out there that the government can always be counted upon to waste money. Of course, private businesses waste money all the time, too.  If you want organizations to stop wasting money, you can stop having organizations; or organizations run by humans.  Anyway, I learned today that NCSU has a “Veterans Affairs Certifying Official” that keeps track of students who’s education is funded by the GI Bill.  Turns out that if you are on the GI Bill and you fail a class due to lack of attendance, you have to pay back the government the portion of your tuition to cover that class.  I love that!  And, in case you are curious, looks like I have a student who’s going to have to repay the government a good chunk of change.

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Professor of Political Science at NC State

One Response to The government does not always waste money

  1. Jen F. says:

    Let me add the financial aid perspective … it’s not just students on the GI Bill. It’s ALL forms of federal aid – student loans, Pell grants, everything. If a student fails every course they are enrolled in, the feds assume they have unofficially withdrawn. (Given your grade distribution post, you know a student has really given up if they flunk everything.) The Financial Aid office recalculates eligibility based on the percentage of the semester they can document they attended. Can’t prove you ever came to class even once? Pay it all back.

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