Not in today’s Republican party he can’t

So, the Post’s article about Utah’s Huntsman has the following headline on the homepage:

Ummm, no.  Sure, they’ve got to try and attract readers, but nobody semi-intelligent who follows politics can believe Huntman has a snowball’s chance in hell at the GOP nomination.  Why?

In a likely presidential bid, he would bring with him a political resume punctuated by his stint as President Obama’s ambassador to China and loaded with centrist positions on immigration, cap-and-trade climate legislation and gay rights.

Oh, yeah, that’ll go over just great with the base.  How’s this for understatement:

That could be an uneasy fit in a GOP primary season that is already pushing candidates to the right.

If Huntsman enters, he would battle Mitch Daniels (assuming he runs) for every Democrat’s favorite Republican.  So not the recipe to win next year’s nomination.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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