Do the gun nuts even know what the 2nd amendment means?

On what planet does your write to own a gun mean that a pediatrician should not be able to ask parents whether they have a gun in the home.  To deny that is a legitimate child safety issue is just nuts (then again, there’s a reason they are called gun nuts).  From NPR:

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is expected to sign a bill that will make the state the first in the nation to prohibit doctors from asking patients if they own guns. The bill is aimed particularly at pediatricians, who routinely ask new parents if they have guns at home and if they’re stored safely.

Pediatricians say it’s about preventing accidental injuries. Gun rights advocates say the doctors have a political agenda.

An Invasion Of Privacy?

As parents know, pediatricians ask a lot of questions. Dr. Louis St. Petery says it’s all part of what doctors call “anticipatory guidance” — teaching parents how to safeguard against accidental injuries. Pediatricians ask about bike helmets, seat belts and other concerns.

“If you have a pool, let’s talk about pool safety so we don’t have accidental drownings,” he says. “And if you have firearms, let’s talk about gun safety so that they’re stored properly — you know, the gun needs to be locked up, the ammunition stored separate from the gun, etc., so that children don’t have access to them.”…

NRA lobbyists helped write a bill that largely bans health professionals from asking about guns. Hammer says she and other NRA members consider the questions an intrusion on their Second Amendment rights.

Oh, please!  I recognize that there are plenty of thoughtful and responsible gun owners out there, but so long as we get idiocy like this from the likes of the NRA and Republicans in Florida, it is really hard to take the gun rights people as intellectually or morally serious.

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