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This week in my American Government class I wrapped things up with the myths and realities of American Public Policy lecture.  Not surprisingly, I spent the most time on health care.  For the most part, I let the simple hard facts about America’s broken health care system to the work (here’s my lecture, if you are curious).  I used a number of nice charts from KFF, but (via Ezra, I think), I realize there’s a great one I missed:

Exhibit 10

I made the point verbally, but charts are more convincing.  Every country that way out-efficiencies us on health care does so by having dramatically more of the health spending come from the public sector.  People hate to accept that government is more efficient in some things than the private sector, but when it comes to health care, the evidence is pretty damn near overwhelming.

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2 Responses to Chart of the day

  1. David says:

    Yup. Even in Singapore, which a lot of conservatives tout as a model for reform, there’s a great deal of government involvement in the system. For most health services the assumptions of a perfectly competitive economy are grossly violated.

  2. Amy says:

    We’re moving to Switzerland and I was reading a government-issued “So you’re moving to Switzerland…” document. It said something along the lines of “Health care in Switzerland is the most expensive in the world… with the exception of the US.”

    What’s different is that we’ll be paying for health care premiums monthly out of our own pocket, rather than having it be paid for by a company, so it definitely FEELS more expensive, even though the premiums are lower than the rather crappy health care I have now through my company. In addition, you can’t be denied basic health care (which is pretty good coverage) there… hopefully by the time we come back to the US, we won’t have to worry about that as we transition back to the US system (a fairly common problem now for returning expats).

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