Republicans still working to save me from Sharia

Looks like the efforts by Republicans in the NC House to take the all-important steps of protecting me and other North Carolinians from Sharia law are proceeding.   Really nice story on the matter in the N&O.  Rather than just giving a bunch of he said, she said quotes from interested political parties, the reporter did some actual research on how this law would be preposterously stupid:

Mark Weisburd, a professor at the UNC School of Law who teaches international law, agreed that the law as drafted would offer little additional legal protections to U.S. citizens while potentially causing big headaches for businesses.

“Say a North Carolina firm wanted to do business with a British firm and for whatever reason they agreed that any litigation should occur in the United Kingdom,” Weisburd explained. “The North Carolina firm could later seek to void the contract by saying they wouldn’t get a jury trial in a civil case in the U.K. That would make the British firm, if they had any sense, reluctant to contract with the North Carolina firm in the first place.”…

There are also routinely instances in family court where state judges weigh foreign laws when making decisions, such as when a marriage, divorce or adoption might have occurred in a foreign country. Religious codes also sometimes find their way into the courtroom, such as domestic cases involving marriage and divorce with Orthodox Jews, Weisburd said.

“I can see all sorts of ways this might have unexpected consequences,” he said…

Muslims make up less than 1 percent of North Carolina’s population, according to a recent government survey.

UNC law professor Gene Nichol succinctly sums this up:

Gene Nichol, a UNC professor who teaches constitutional law, called the bill “an embarrassment.” “It’s remarkable to me that any sentient being could think that the imposition of Shariah law is the largest issue facing the people of North Carolina.”

This is simply not what the citizens of NC voted for when they put Republicans in charge of the legislature.  If Republicans keep this up, it will be a very short-lived majority.

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Professor of Political Science at NC State

4 Responses to Republicans still working to save me from Sharia

  1. jonolan says:

    What’s your problem? No US corporation or person should ever be subject to foreign laws except when they’re physically in a foreign country and you Liberals keeps saying that religion has to be completely kept out of the law.

    Damn! You must really, really love them Muslims to be against a law like this, especially when judges in multiple states have “taken Islam into account” when deciding case of domestic violence and murder.

    • Ryan says:

      Please post links to the cases in which judges have taken Islam into account for cases of domestic violence and murder.

    • itchy says:

      From the bill:

      “The following definitions apply in this Article:

      Foreign law. – A law, rule, legal code, or legal system established and used or applied in a foreign venue or forum.”

      What’s funny is that, either:

      (a) Islam does not qualify as creating foreign law, because Islam is not a state or
      (b) it does, which means Christianity also is a foreign law.

      Therefore, Rep. Cleveland finds himself a bedfellow with the ACLU.

      I’ve had it up to here with judges taking the Golden Rule into account.

  2. John says:

    I suspect you’re all against this bill (including the reporter) because you’re part of a cabal of radical Ilamist secretly plotting to institute Sharia law in North Carolina. The Republicans & I (God that sounds awful, even when it’s said facetiously) are on to you!

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