It is not easy to change minds

From SurveyUSA:

Of those who have seen the newly public birth certificate:

57% say they knew all along that the President was born in the USA.

14% say they had doubts, but now are satisfied that the President was born in the USA.
18% say they still have doubts about where the President was born (including 40% of Tea Party, 33% of Republicans, 27% of Conservatives.)
10% say they are sure the document released 04/27/11 is a forgery (including 17% of Tea Party , 18% of Republicans, 16% of Conservatives).

Not at all surprised that only 14% admit to having their minds changed.  As for why this story has so much play, half the damn Republican party continues to embarrass themselves on this issue.  And if you think this would still be an issue of Obama was white, you are deluding yourself.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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