When the mainstream is nuts

I hate that I find Mike Huckabee so likable despite the fact that he is either amazingly ignorant or amazingly mendacious.  Just what does it say about our political discourse when the man currently leading the GOP field (not that I think he’ll win) is still going on with the death panel nonsense.  And furthermore, advocates against the most common-sense policy.  Via Krugman (who seems to have made the whole quote an image, for some reason):


Just in case you’re not clear on that, comparative effectiveness review means the government doing research to figure out what treatments work and what don’t.  Especially important when you consider 1) the number of expensive treatments that quite often don’t (e.g., spinal fusion surgery) and 2) the fact that the government pays for a hell of a lot of this through Medicare.  But Huckabee is worried about death panels?!

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