Down with faxing!

I have not even used it yet, but I am so totally excited by the prospect of the HelloFax website described in Farhad Manjoo’s Slate column.  Almost every fax I send starts as an electronic document (a lot of w-2’s) that I print, sign my name to, then fax.  With HelloFax, you can append an electronic signature (just take a photo and upload it to the website) that you can add to any electronic document you need to fax:

Last week, I finally found what I’ve been looking for: a way to sign and fax—or e-mail—a document using just my computer. It doesn’t require you to print out your forms or sign them with a pen. You will need a camera, but only once; after that, it’s painless. The system is calledHelloFax. And it’s terrific.

Here’s how HelloFax works. First, you sign a blank piece of paper. Then you take a picture of your signature and send it to the site. Now you’re free to sign and send documents that you’ve got stored digitally. (In other words, HelloFax is only for e-mailing and faxing files that you can find online or that people have e-mailed you; you can’t use it to fax a physical document.) To begin, you upload your form to HelloFax. The system understands a wide range of file types, including PDFs, Word documents, and several more esoteric ones. HelloFax transforms the document into an image, and then it lets you add text to that image; this allows you to fill out your name, age, SSN, and other information on virtually any kind of form.

I’m so excited!  I just need something to fax now.



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