Blog navel-gazing

Inspired again by Big Steve, the end of the year seems like a good time to take a look back at the year in blogging.  Wordpress has some nice site statistics (though, sadly, no country of viewer statistics, that I can find).  What I find most interesting is what led people to the blog.  To make things more interesting, I’ve collapsed similar searches into the same category (e.g., porn tennis and tennis porn):

  1. Tennis porn (who knew there was such pent-up desire for this).  I feel badly for all those people coming to my blog looking for something more titillating)
  2. John Boehner tan
  3. Fully myelinated
  4. unaristocratic words
  5. Muslim swimwear
  6. Galactic rebellion for dummies

After than, no topic really led to a lot of hits for the blog.  And here’s my not quite the same top 10 pages:

  1. Soft core tennis porn?
  2. Mosque timeline
  3. Are there other “un-aristocratic” words I should know about?
  4. Cutting costs by cutting doctors
  5. On football, tailgating, and student athletes
  6. The PhD glut
  7. Pretend curse words
  8. Muslim swimwear
  9. What I know and you don’t
  10. Galactic Rebellion for Dummies

Sources of traffic

  1. My facebook page

Hmmm, not all that interesting.  Still, nice to have all the annual stats there in one place.  Actually, I guess what’s notable (and what I might find slightly depressing), is that only 3 of my top 10 posts are about politics.  Still, it’s glad to know I’m having an impact on language by those looking for “un-aristoctatic” words and pretend curse words.

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Professor of Political Science at NC State

One Response to Blog navel-gazing

  1. JeffBC94 says:

    I must have missed all the posts about tennis porn – was that before you started posting your blog entries to twitter?

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