Presents of 2010

I’ve been inspired by Big Steve to do a post on the presents I received in 2010.  Let’s start with my actual Christmas presents.

  • Telephoto lens for my DSLR.  I’ve gotten really into photography this year and it’s great to finally have a serious telephoto lens.  I’ve been disappointed in the depth of field I’ve been able to achieve with the standard lens, and even on the back of the camera I can now see I’ve just needed this lens.
  • Aston Villa long-sleeve jersey.  I’ve been a big soccer fan for a long time, but I watched a ton of this Summer’s World Cup and was not ready to give up watching high-quality soccer.  I’ve started watching English Premier League games this season and it has greatly enhanced my Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Aston Villa is one of my favorite teams (along with Arsenal and Tottenham), but I like their jersey the best.

And the non-Christmas presents

  • Sarah.  We seem to be adjusting surprisingly well to four kids.  I’m really enjoying having another kid.
  • CASL Boys U11 Blasters.  I had no intention of being a head soccer coach for a bunch of 10-year old boys after a scant one season as a 2nd assistant coach, but when David’s league needed another coach, I figured why not me.  I had an absolute blast with a great group of kids.  Huge learning curve.  My major goal was simply not to be a bad coach and therefore do a disservice to the kids. I’m pretty sure I accomplished that.  Really looking forward to getting back to it in the Spring.
  • The NCSU Teaching Award.  I really don’t want to be brag-y and I am truly sure there’s plenty of great teachers who’ve never won an award, but anybody knows me knows just how important teaching is to me.  Thus, it was incredibly rewarding and validating to be recognized for my work in the classroom.  I’m convinced I’ve got the greatest job in the world.
  • Obamacare.  Sure, lets throw in some politics.  I’ve become quite the health care policy wonk in recent years, and though the ACA is certainly far from perfect, it is nonetheless hugely important legislation and I was most definitely hugely emotionally invested in this.  More Americans will have access to decent health care and that’s undoubtedly a good thing.
  • Friends and family.  It’s cliche, but I’m a really happy person and as I like to quote Coach K “it’s all about the relationships.”  I’ve got a lot of good ones that I’m thankful for (including some of you reading this).
  • Readers.  The fact that you are reading this.  Thanks!  I love the feedback I get and it certainly is nice to know that somebody other than my wife (who does actually read my blog despite her minimal interest in politics– although she’s known to skim most posts) cares about my musings and meanderings.

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Professor of Political Science at NC State

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