Tech lessons

Very cool article in the Times about a month ago on Ten Lessons learned from years of being a Tech Columnist.  For some reason, I found this one especially interesting:

Some concepts’ time may never come. The same “breakthrough” ideas keep surfacing — and bombing, year after year.

For the love of Mike, people, nobody wants videophones! When we’re on the phone, we don’t want to have to be presentable. We want to put away dishes, roll our eyes at other people in the room, pick our noses. Sure, when we want to see the new baby, we’ll use Skype or FaceTime. But not for everyday calls. If you try to sell us a special phone that has a camera and screen, you will fail.

At this point, video phone technology could easily be in every home, but the simple fact is– Skype lovers aside– people just don’t want it.  I’ll be really curious to see if the time truly never comes on this.  Anyway, the whole column is really interesting and definitely worth a read.

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