Not quite a flexitarian

So, to keep with the field trip theme from the last post… one of the girls in the group I was chaperoning remarked how it was so cruel to kill and stuff all the animals on display and claimed that she did not eat any animals… except of course for the chicken in Sesame Chicken from her local Chinese restaurant… and other chicken dishes, too.   Okay, not quite a vegetarian.  Thanks to a recent story I heard on NPR, I know that she’s a flexitarian.  Apparently, this is someone who is mostly a vegetarian, but is somewhat flexible on the matter and will eat some meat.  The NPR story (can’t find the link) suggested that it is a person who takes into account the moral and environmental impact of their meat-eating.  I’d actually fall under that definition– I really wish I ate less meat and have a strong sympathy for those who are vegetarians for ethical and environmental reasons (health reasons, not so much), but I still eat meat most days.   What I have done is definitely try to eat smaller portions of meat (we often mix ground beef with soy-based faux meat), substitute chicken for beef when possible, and purchase humanely-raised mean when I can (Whole Foods and Chipotle).  I know, it’s not a lot, but it’s something.  And I like the sound of being a “flexitarian.”


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One Response to Not quite a flexitarian

  1. Jason says:

    As a vegetarian married to a flexitarian with two kids who sometimes eat meat but probably aren’t aware that Chik Patties aren’t actually chicken (ignoraflexitarians?), I say, the more flexitarians the better! While I’m more committed to the ethical side of the debate concerning vegetarianism, I’m glad there are more people like you who seem to consciously consider whether eating less meat would be a good thing (and then act on that).

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