How long to extend the tax cuts

Because 2 hour(!) faculty meetings really cut down on the blogging time (not to mention new babies), I’m just going to borrow from Kevin Drum upon hearing that Democrats are working out a deal to extend the tax cuts 2 years, as we basically had the same reaction:

I mean, WTF? What in God’s name are the morons who pass for leaders of the Democratic Party thinking? If they’ve finally backed themselves into a corner where they’re forced to extend all the Bush tax cuts, then OK. I’m resigned to it. But they’re seriously planning to extend the tax cuts for two years, even though that means restarting the fight during the 2012 campaign season, “because they see it as politically helpful to them in painting Republicans as defenders of the rich”?

And they think this why? Because they all stuck together so well this time around? Because they wowed the American public in 2010 with their argument that Republicans were defenders of the rich? Because two years from now centrists and Blue Dogs will suddenly decide to grow a spine in the face of tea party competition? Because they think Republicans will cower in fear and Fox News will suddenly embrace sweet reason the next time Democrats try this tack? Because they think that vilifying the rich only failed this year because it was so soon after an epic financial meltdown caused by the rich? Because they’re not as smart as a pair of New York Times reporters, who immediately understood that, yes, perhaps Republicans would have some modest success “again portraying Democrats as seeking to raise taxes”?

Truly baffling.  Expiration in 2013 seemed the obvious and smart thing.  Then again, the Democrats have never done the obvious and smart thing on this issue.

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