Quote of the day

Yglesias on the START treaty:

Extra nukes over and beyond what’s needed to deter credibly don’t do anything for the country—they don’t add inches to our national penis or anything

I had not been following this that closely till now, but the Republican opposition to the START treat is absolutely nuts and shows just how profoundly unserious and nihilistic they have become as a political party.  I’ll leave the details to Yglesias:

But what’s the treaty? Well, it safely reduces the quantity of Russian nuclear weapons while preserving America’s ability to verify what’s happening with the remaining weapons. In exchange, the US will dismantle some weapons but still have more than enough to preserve our deterrent…

Meanwhile, foreigners will wonder wtf has happened with US foreign policy and would-be proliferators will find their efforts somewhat boosted by the collapsing credibility of the disarmament process. And all for what? A cheap political talking point on a fourth-tier issue? A bit of extra pork?

Maybe some day grown-ups will actually be in charge of the Republican party again.  For now, our whole nation is suffering through their kicking, flailing, middle-of-the-grocery-store-floor tantrum.

Chart of the Day (global warming denialism)

The ignorance and Know-Nothingism of the modern Republican party is truly astonishing.  Check this out via Pew:

Thanks to years worth of demagoguery, an absolute majority of Republicans (53%) now completely denying global warming!  And lets be clear here, nobody serious denies that the earth is warming.   There is at least a fake controversy as to whether humans are responsible or not (while there are some crank scientists reliably trotted out by Fox News to suggest humans are not responsible, you cannot find an actual climate scientist who believes this).  And damn, if that fake controversy isn’t effective as even Democrats are split pretty evenly on that issue.

It’s one thing to have concern for the environment be a low priority, but its almost as if Repubicans are becoming actively anti-environment, just because they know Democrats (and those damn foreigners) seem to care about the health of the planet that supports us all.  Check out these changes over the past four years:

And, I’ve already shown enough cool charts, but they’ve also got one which looks at the views of those Republicans who identify with the Tea Party.  You’ll be shocked, shocked to know that the Tea party Republicans having an even less tenuous connection to reality.   I had an interesting conversation the other night with some reporters and I sort of stuck up for the American people (not suggesting they’re smart, just not particularly dumber than in other countries).  Then again.  But, I don’t know how much you can blame “the people” when you have one of two major political parties and an entire right-wing media leading them over an anti-intellectual cliff.

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