Are there other “un-aristocratic” words I should know about?

Just yesterday on GMA I heard them mention that Prince William and his girlfriend had been dating for eight years.  Honestly, I’m pretty skeptical of most relationships that go that long without an engagement.   Apparently, they were just waiting for me to be aware of the situation as this morning they have now announced their engagement.  Why so long?  Here’s one theory:

The romance has had its setbacks. The pair split for several months in 2007, amid speculation (always denied) that the royal family was dismayed by the lower status of Miss Middleton’s family and that Mrs. Middleton had chewed gum and used un-aristocratic words like “toilet” and “pardon” in front of Queen Elizabeth, William’s grandmother.

“Pardon” really?  I thought that was the quintessential British word.  Also, I’m wondering about the “aristocratic” term for bathroom.  “WC”?  “Loo”?  I’ll definitely not chew gum should I ever meet British royalty.

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Professor of Political Science at NC State

2 Responses to Are there other “un-aristocratic” words I should know about?

  1. Dude, one does not mention bodily processes or the places where we need to go to engage in them in front of the Queen. There is no correct word. Jeez, you suck at being an aristocrat.

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