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Via Yglesias:

Yglesias has some interesting commentary on how Repbulicans in Congress don’t care how popular the repeal of DADT is, there are still going full bore against it.  And, of course, Democrats will cave.  One thing that occurred to me, though, is I wonder if most people realize just how popular repealing DADT is.  I bet if you asked Americans what percent of adults supported this policy, you’d get an average estimate much less than 70%.  I think this reflects two things: 1) the complete partisan polarization on the issue at the elite level.  2) Without seeing any data, I’d still suspect that those in favor of keeping the policy feel much more strongly on the matter.  As I know I’ve mentioned before, when it comes to public opinion, intensity is hugely important.

UPDATE: My lovely wife is kind enough to point out that this excerpt of the chart is not properly labelled.  All the percentages are for the percent who favor the repeal of DADT.  I.e., yes, even 60% of Republicans not in Congress favor this.


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One Response to Chart of the Day

  1. Kim says:

    The chart is confusing — is the % the percentage who oppose or favor? Not clear!

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